Girls’ Generation new new album: fresh or too complicated?


Girls’ Generation released their fourth album “I Got a Boy” on Jan. 1, but some fans who had eagerly awaited the girl group’s return were disappointed with the title track “I Got a Boy” and its music video. 

A number of Twitter users sent out a flurry of tweets that the new album does not strongly appeal to listeners. They said that “I Got a Boy” seems to be partly inspired by other girl group songs with similar chord progression and dance moves. Some online users even said the new album lacked the originality they expected from the group. 

The video is also getting mixed responses. Some fans posted on their Twitter and Facebook that there were too many scene changes that at times distract viewers and make it hard to concentrate on the music. 

Despite the negative responses, many fans expressed a positive view, saying the title track was filled with addictive rhythms and that the song will jump straight to the top spot in the music chart. Also, the music video’s colorful production would attract young viewers, they said. 

Girls’ Generation will start the promotion of their fourth album “I Got a Boy” with the official comeback stage on Jan. 3 on Mnet’s M Countdown.