Quality you can see and taste


There are many reasons as to how we all choose where to eat at a certain restaurant and why we would return. Some of those reasons include price, location, quality, and service. Located right on the corner of 8th and Harvard Blvd in Koreatown, Los Angeles, Mansoo BBQ seems to merit an “A” on all those reasons.

As they are popularly known for their excellent quality of prime rib eye steak (prime saengdeungsim) and thinly sliced beef briskets (woo sam gyup), Mansoo BBQ has also been receiving a lot of compliments with their All-You-Can-Eat (AYCE) menu that started since last year in October. With just a mere price of $18.99, you can enjoy an unlimited amount of over 20 different food options and the finest quality meats. Not to mention, prime rib eye steak, filet mignon, and duck roast are also included in the AYCE menu (a rare deal!) for just $5 more! Seafood
items such as shrimp and small octopus are also available to those who aren’t a fan of meat. The unlimited salad bar is located in the middle of the restaurant for customers to have side dishes to pair along well with the meats.

Manager John Lee recommends customers to try a mini dish of refreshing noodles in watery radish kimchi (dongchimi noodles) after finishing the meat rampage. Instead of thinking it as ordering more food, think of it as a soup to help digest your stomach. It’s originally $6.99 on the menu, but half off when you order it off the AYCE menu for dinner. I was told it’s a popular lunch menu item as well. Speaking of lunch menus, Mansoo BBQ offers an extensive variety of lunch specials during the day. Served from 11am to 3pm on weekdays with the exception of holidays, they offer over 20 different types of foods and are all listed at a very affordable price. Popular lunch items that customers often order are the mixed rice in a hot stone pot (bibimbap) and the combination of marinated beef short ribs with noodles in watery radish kimchi (galbi with dongchimi noodles).

“We have so many regulars at our restaurant, which isn’t surprising. People who really know the taste of meat can identify right away as soon as they taste our meats that it’s excellent quality. We take our business seriously and we do our best to provide the service that our customers want,” stated Lee. In most restaurants, there is just one main server that attends to each table, but you’ll find that there’s more than one server at Mansoo BBQ as they all work as a team around the whole restaurant.

To prove that they’re confident in their quality of foods, customers can clearly see the kitchen and how the staff handles the meats as soon as they enter the restaurant. Their menu also serves as a great example of their quality as all their photos were taken at the restaurant and used for the menu.

Come see and experience for yourself why Mansoo BBQ is a local favorite. At the very least, you can’t complain about the free parking and the friendly security guard that helps you park your car!

Yuna Hwang
The Korea Herald