MICRO-CONVENTION ‘TALK TABLE,’Beat The Classics’ opens in L.A


Artists who are building-up seasonal Korea wave contents for small city in United States of America and MICRO-CONVENTION which introduces their contents open first seasonal concert 쁔ALK TABLE, 쁁eat The Classics in Los Angeles on Saturday, Feb. 21.

쁔ALK TABLE is 쁲mall type of convention that is made with artists in various fields and their work. It is designed for emerging as 쁔our Korea wave platform that 쁊orean wave, started in form of production from one country and it is combined every season theme and culture so it communicates foreign fans in person.

Also, from upcoming season, 쁔ALK TABLE plans to raise brands value in U.S through collaboration marketing with small and medium-sized businesses dreaming of extending their business in each cities, and achieve competitive by combining audiences characteristics in each venues and distinct characteristics of on-site industry.

Meanwhile, 쁔ALK TABLE is expected to meet fans in upcoming spring in second season in different city with new concept with artist&contents management agency 쁒YU ENTERTAINMENT쇺셲 brand event.