Actor Ha Jung-woo holds solo exhibition in LA

Noted actor and film director Ha Jung-woo is showcasing another talent of his — painting.

The 36-year-old, whose artworks have been presented at multiple exhibitions in Seoul, New York and Hong Kong, is holding his first solo exhibition in Los Angeles. Pause opened on Saturday, Feb. 28 at Pyo Gallery LA.

Actor Ha holds solo exhibition in LA혻(Yonhap)

He is introducing 30 latest works, including portraits inspired by characters in his movies and his face.

It셲 the second time his works are being showcased in LA. They were first shown to the LA art scene during the LA Art Show 2015 from Jan. 15-18 at LA Convention Center. It coincided with the release of his latest movie Chronicles of a Blood Merchant in Seoul.
Through painting, my acting expression develops, and sometimes my acting experiences are illustrated in the paintings as well, he said in an interview with Yonhap on Saturday in LA during the exhibition opening. He added that painting, making films and acting are all ultimately derived from a single root.

According to the gallery, Ha셲 works reflect different personas he dealt with in movies.

Actor Ha Jung-woo holds solo exhibition in LA혻(Yonhap)

Ha셲 artworks explore the emotional groundwork of the various personas he inhabits, serving as a method of study and of departure from the scripted situations that appear in the movies, said the gallery셲 press release.

Ha셲 paintings are direct, flamboyant, and inspired by the confrontational street art of the 1980s. Similar to graffiti artists of the period, painting is a means of survival for Ha. As he says, painting allows him to unravel and express his inner core.

The Seoul-based actor has become a household name in Korea, characterized by his unique, down-to-earth flair, through an array of films, including The Chaser, (2008) The Berlin Fire, (2013) and Kundo: Age of the Rampant (2014).

The exhibition Pause runs through April 18 at Pyo Gallery LA.

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