Romantic thriller “Perfect Proposal” to release CGV Cinemas June 12


Romantic thriller film “Perfect Proposal” topped the box office in Korea after its release on Thursday, June 4 and hits CGV Cinemas in Los Angeles on Friday, June 12.

The film “Perfect Proposal” is about a Cinderella story for adults about a desperate woman, Jiyeon (Lim Soo-jung), who takes up an offer she can’t refuse from Sung-ryeol (Yoo Yeon-suk), the secretary of a huge casino group based in Macau. Jiyeon gets stuck in a love triangle as tension rises among the characters and no one can predict its outcome.

Main actress Lim Soo-jung is getting a lot of compliments on her perfect acting. She is known for her femme fatale character after she acted in “All About My Wife” with Ryu Seung-ryong 3 years ago.

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The power of the movie comes from sympathy. Many women has a ‘Cinderella complex’ and the movie portrays through a psychological description of the main character. Suspension and mystery are added to overwhelm the audience during this 1 hour and 50 minutes film.

CJ Entertainment America said “This movie is what a lot of women can sympathize and immerse in emotion. Yoo Yeon-suk, who grabbed the hearts of many women from “Reply 1994” will attract the female demographics.”

The movie will be released at CGV Cinemas located at the Madang mall in Los Angeles Koreatown on Friday, June 12. More details about the movie is available on their website ( and official Facebook page (