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Summer is just around the corner, which means many are struggling to shed off those last few pounds to be beach body ready. Juice cleanses are the current trend for a weight loss method and juice bars have been spreading all throughout California. Now, the trend has finally hit Koreatown, LA.

Opened in February of this year, Oppa Juicery has since been receiving the spotlight as the go-to place for organic cold pressed juice. Unlike other juice bars, Oppa Juicery guarantees that their juices are 100% organic with no preservatives or water added and is GMO (쏥enetically Modified Organism) and HPP (쏦igh Pressure Processing) free. The juices are made fresh daily from just fruits and vegetables, and are also contained in environmental-friendly BPA (쏝ispheonl A) free containers.

쏮y team and I started Oppa Juicery because majority of the people in our community are stuck in a lifestyle with bad outdoor eating habits and bombarded with work, which causes us to not take care of our health as much as we would like to. We want to help people regain their energy by providing the highest quality products our community deserves, said Alex Sohn, co-owner of Oppa Juicery. The juicery offers a total of 12 different flavors at an affordable price of $7 per bottle, whereas the average prices at other juice bars are $10 and up. Located on the second floor of WilFit Sports Club on Wilshire and Normandie, many have shown a positive response on social media to the juicery셲 presence.

Another unique quality that Oppa Juicery acquires is that they offer free delivery within Koreatown, LA. The Detox Cleanse Program offers three different choices where you can first start off with a 1-day Soft Detox, 3-day Full Detox and then the 5-day Complete Detox to start actually getting results. There is also the option of creating your own program. By drinking the bottles of juice and water, this allows the body to gain rich, natural nutrition and vitamins while avoiding unhealthy drinks or foods for a certain amount of time.

쏻e came up with the name 쁎ppa Juicery because it셲 easy to remember and it셲 a catchy name. Also, the word 쁮ppa has a meaning and intent where an older male figure takes care of the young ones. We are a group of young, hardworking working-class content creators living in Koreatown who wish to make ourselves and the people within our community healthier, less tired, and more energized to make some changes in our lives, at work and to our family and community, said Sohn.



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Oppa Juicery
WilFit Sports Club (2nd Flr.)
3470 Wilshire Blvd., Ste 200
Los Angeles, CA 90010
Hours: M-F, 8AM-9PM

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