High Quality Korean BBQ restaurants in Koreatown

Nowadays, you can easily see many foreigners enjoying Korean BBQ in Koreatown, Los Angeles compared to a few years ago. Many respond saying that they love to see the marinated meat cooked right in front of their eyes and eat with various Korean side dishes.
Some of the best K-BBQ restaurants are listed in Eater LA셲 article, 쏷he 15 Finest Korean Barbecue Restaurants in Los Angeles. I셶e selected five K-BBQ restaurants to introduce more in detail and to reveal what specialties they have.

1. Kang Ho Dong Baek Jeong

Kang Ho Dong Baek Jeong is one of the most beloved K-BBQ restaurants. They serve high-quality meats in moderate prices compared to other expensive restaurants. The usual wait time is a minimum of 30 minutes to over an hour during the dinner rush. One of their unique dishes that is not a barbecue is the 쐋unch box, which is called 쐂oshirak in Korean. The restaurant is located at 3465 W 6th St, Los Angeles, CA 90020.

2. Park셲 BBQ

When people come into Park셲 BBQ, they will be amazed to see lots of photos and autographs from both Korean and Hollywood celebrities. The reason that Park셲 BBQ is loved by celebrities is because of their excellent quality of meats, along with their neat and nicely presented food. Their meats are delivered every morning so that they use only fresh meats to customers. They also serve special lunch menu including Kal Gook-soo and Bulgogi. Their more popular lunch dish is Kal-bi tang (Beef short rib soup) and it is only $6.99 from 11am-3pm. The restaurant is located at 955 S Vermont Ave Los Angeles, CA 90006.

3. Gwang Yang BBQ

Bulgogi is one of top favorite choices that foreigners love to eat for their sweet and juicy flavor. Bulgogi is a traditionally-grilled marinated meat and you definitely can셳 find Gwang Yang BBQ셲 special bulgogi anywhere else in town. Gwang Yang BBQ is particularly known for their bulgogi in not just Koreatown, but also in Seoul. Their high quality bulgogi and side dishes are enough to attract gourmets all over town. Another popular dish that many people love to eat there is the steak tartare (yukhae). Gwang Yang BBQ is located at 3435 Wilshire Blvd Ste 123 Los Angeles, CA 90010.

4. Quarters Korean BBQ

Quarters Korean BBQ is run by the relatives of Kang Ho Dong Baek Jeong셲 owner and is also located right across from it in the Chapman Plaza. The restaurant has an outside, full bar where people can enjoy specialty cocktails with their barbecue. When people order meat, it comes in a quarter-pound portions. The address of the restaurant is 3465 W 6th St #C-130 Los Angeles, CA 90020.

5. Soowon Galbi

Although Soowon Galbi is a bit pricier than most K-BBQ restaurants, the quality of their meats is one of the best in Koreatown. They serve the 쏫ing Short ribs and is loved by lots of people. It is marinated in their signature sauce.혻 They also known as fresh and high-quality Kkot sal (Prime boneless short rib) 혻Their special lunch menu is available through 11:30am to 2:30pm. It is located on 856 S Vermont Ave Los Angeles, CA 90005.