KCON 2015 LA – Day 1!

Day 1 of KCON 2015. (KCON Official Facebook page 2015)

KCON 2015 has officially started this weekend and today was the first official day! This time, the convention is at a different location, with three days of conventions and two nights of concerts! This time, KCON is at the LA Convention Center, in one of the buildings close to the Staples Center where the concerts are going to take place. Everything being indoors during this summer makes everything so much easier to walk through; all the excitement is air conditioned!

KCON혻made an extremely great move with this location because now, everybody in line are being kept moving smoothly, as well as the ways to bend things, making those disabled or handicapped, like myself, able to enjoy the full experience of KCON혻and all of it’s goods! I enjoyed being able to have people help me if I had a hard time standing or walking, as well as being helped when needing to stand for long periods of time. It was even better when I saw they helped transfer those in wheelchairs from room to room to do their artist engagement or panels they want to go to. That’s one thing I don’t recall seeing in past years and it’s really great to know that the LA Convention Center is still holding up their security measures and helping things run as smooth as possible during the day.

Today was focusing on the fans getting the chance to explore the convention floor and visit the many booths going on all day. There were also chances to see all the creative K-pop cosplayers around, and see some of our favorite Youtubers! KCON혻has really grown in offering more things for people walking the convention floors, including things like a Kpop music versions of the popular games “Dance Dance Revolution” and “Just Dance.” There are aisles of booths offering cute free things as well as adorable merchandise. Some of my friends and I actually got free KCON혻temporary tattoos! McDonalds was there too, giving away free samples of their strawberry lemonade! And there was plenty of other food samples to go around. Don’t you love free food?!

There was also a wall where you can write messages to your favorite artists as well as write in hangul, your favorite artists to hang up in the booth. Although all these things were amazing to find, one day wasn’t nearly enough to get a full detail of what I wanted to learn about this place! No wonder they gave us another day just to enjoy the convention! After the day of walking around and buying things at the convention, KCON혻gave us KlubKCon, which was for those who got another wristband for the event. It went on from 7PM until 10PM. The best part about this event that really made me wish that I was able to go, is the fact that they had an appearance of a secret idol from the artists performing this weekend. From what I hear from my friends, the idol was Monsta X. However, as soon as anything is confirmed, I will supply you lovely readers with pictures to prove it!

One of the most unique booths at KCON혻this year, to me, was seeing the booth that had three sections to it, all of which had different types of robotic types of creations. I wasn’t able to get pictures today of it, but I will be sure to post them here for all of you to see tomorrow! It’s so cool seeing all those creations and they were also the booths I was at most often, playing music to let us all dance to and gather around. Randomly throughout the day, they also gave away random Kpop fans and other merchandise to those who danced throughout an entire song, knowing every move. It was so cool seeing what song to play next. Thankfully, tomorrow at the convention, we have the “Dance All Day” room where all of us can continue having a good time.

Tomorrow is an earlier and longer day at KCON, ending with the first concert of the weekend. Who are you most excited to see? I’ll be sure to keep you all up to date with any other information!
In case you want more information about what I enjoyed seeing, what I did the most at the convention today and this weekend, feel free to tune into my v-log posts on YouTube! I’ll be uploading one every night when I get back and go into detail about my favorite parts and maybe even show you some of my cosplays and merchandise I get at the convention so all of you can see!

See my v-log of Day 1 of KCON 2015:

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