Korea’s pet care startup targets U.S. dog owners

Smart pet care startup, BallReady, extended their business to the U.S market with the world’s first meal providing ball playing equipment.

BallReady made progress internationally through America’s ideal social funding site Indiegogo on February 22.  BallReady is ambitiously targeting the $300 billion worth world’s pet market and introduce a new interactive product to pet owners and their pets.

BallReady combines the function of an automatic feeding machine and an automatic ball shooting machine. The product is acknowledged as a “World Patent Product” and won first place for new innovation section at the Korea National IT Industry Promotion Agency and United States ‘US MAC’.

By using Pavlov’s theory where Pavlov rang a bell, gave the dog food, and the dog started to salivate in response to the bell sound, the BallReady machine provides food and snacks when dogs put the ball back in the machine. With various options, dogs are able to play by themselves without the owners present.

Pet supplies experts stated, “BallReady can be used for every dogs, no matter how big they are. The owners can adjust the amount of food and snacks so that they can take care of their dogs’ health.  Adding many options, they can adjust the ball-shooting distance and also uses lithium-ion batteries so that it’s available to use outdoors.

BallReady is providing various special, discount promotions to supporters on Indiegogo. Supporters who donate from $155 to $299 will be the first to test a BallReady with mini tennis balls or silicon balls for 30 days. They have recently collected over $7300 for funding and hoping to reach their main goal of $20,000.

To support BallReady, visit http://igg.me/at/ballready or visit their website for more information at www.ballready.com/english.

Lena Kim