Fashion designer Hanbyel Kang’s knitwear creations amaze on the runway

While you are watching a runway show, have you ever thought to yourself, “When would I ever wear that?” There are times when some of the outfits can be too unique to wear as an “everyday” wear. Fashion designer Hanbyel Kang is currently building her own brand where she can create more clothing where people would be able to wear on normal occasions.

After graduating from Parsons School of Design, Kang gained a lot of experience working for high-end fashion designers Thakoon and Derek Lam.  From those experiences, she was able to improve on her skills on pattern making, designing, working with others in the fashion industry, how to communicate with factories, and how to organize various collections and shows.


“I love doing ‘ready-to-wear’ clothes and am currently focusing on knitwear. My designs can be defined as artistic and couture type of fashion,” she stated over the phone. Kang shows immerse talent already at such a young age, as she has already done a total of three fashion shows at prestige fashion locations – London in September 2015, Paris in November 2015, and New York in February 2016. One of her proudest pieces is a grey dress with a complicated pattern in the back that she was able to showcase at a show in London. Even the Oxford Fashion Studio runway director, Tiffany Saunders, has shown appreciation for Kang’s talents as she complimented her stating, “Even taking a glimpse at Hanbyel Kang’s innovative knitwear designs truly portray her passion towards fashion.”


As the fashion industry changes extremely quickly that new trends come out every week, Hanbyel Kang described how the value of fashion is sometimes forgotten because of the concentration on ‘fast-fashion’. “My inspiration is to appreciate the beauty of the fashion and appreciate the handcrafted works. I believe designers definitely need to create clothes that people can wear every day, but also important for designers to express and communicate their thoughts.” Some of her inspiration also comes from her favorite designer, Iris van Herpen, who is known for couture and artistic patterns.

As Hanbyel Kang continues to hone her craft and skills as she handcrafts a new piece each season, she hopes to return to the U.S. to pursue her dream making a name for herself in the fashion industry.