Suhyuntech’s smart soundproof earplugs

Everyone needs a little me-time every once in a while. With the pace of the current society, time flies. We are constantly running and rushing, meeting here, obligation there. It is time to stop and take a breath. Not having anyone bother you or not having to worry about a completing a never-ending to-do list – wouldn’t that be nice and relaxing? Achieving this is different for everyone, but in your search for peace of mind, you might want earplugs that provide complete and utter silence.



As far as it is currently known, there aren’t any earplugs that filter out 100% of all noise. You can compare this process by putting your fingers in your ears. When you do this, you will hear less, but still be able to hear something.The reason for this is that our skull and bones conduct sounds as well. Sound waves enter our inner ear through the skull, which means this concerns bone conduction and will always be able to observe sound, whether or not you are wearing earplugs. It’s possible to produce earplugs that absorb sound, but none can ever eliminate it. The inner ear also contains our vestibular organ where it provides the brains with crucial information to maintain balance, for instance, when moving but also when standing still. For that reason, it is also important to state that excessive absorption by earplugs isn’t good for your ears either. If your earplugs absorb too much noise, you may feel disconnected. This disconnected feeling may cause dizziness, which in connection with your vestibular organ, causes you to lose your balance. In summary, excessive absorption can have unpleasant consequences and that is something you want to avoid. Despite the fact that there aren’t any earplugs that offer complete silence, there are some that can filter out harmful noises.



There are three types of earplugs that filter out noise: foam earplugs, earplugs with filter or ear molds. Earplugs with a filter contain a special filter that keeps the person wearing them connected with the outside world by not causing complete silence. Last, but not least, there are also custom-made earplugs. These can fully close your ears, but, as stated, even those can’t provide a 100% soundproof situation. Resting every once in a while is also extremely important. After all, it is sometimes hard to find with all the sounds and stimuli around. Korean company Suhyuntech created their own special earplugs that are useful at any time of the day.

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