The rising popularity of ‘halal cosmetics’

JNH HALAL-logoWith the growth of organic and vegan lifestyle, it is said that many people are interested remarkably in what goes into their beauty products. Many people search for natural products that are not chemical as alternatives. One of them is “Halal Beauty”. Is there a huge popularity regarding it in the Middle East and Asia, you may ask? Beyond measure. The Muslim consumership makes up around 30% of the total cosmetics market; although there are not lots of offers for that specific market yet within the world of cosmetics, especially in Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates and Malaysia. However, the majority of people still think halal is only for certain people. I do not think it is limited to them. I believe the world can have a more wide applicability to various ways.

Halal is not only restricted to be consumed as food, but also applies to putting it on our skin. At first, it was created to make Muslim women who could not find the beauty products to meet their standards satisfy. However, it is becoming aware of forging one part of beauty market in the entire world due to the more natural ingredients when compared to regular cosmetics. Market Research analysts predict the halal beauty market to grow at a CAGR (Compound Annual Growth Rate) of around 15% during the period 2017-2021. Halal is significantly considered to comply with Islamic law. It means that the products should not contain alcohol, should not be tested on animals and not contain animal ingredients. Increasing health concerns from harmful effects of cosmetics manufactured using animals is promoting demand for halal cosmetics among people. Additionally, every halal product does not contain any forbidden components. From this point of view, it can create a synergy effect when it is applied to beauty products.


JNH Halal, which is one of Korea’s beauty brands, has tried to take part in this growth for halal cosmetics. JNH Halal is to offer cosmetics that come from natural ingredients, such as plant extracts and use raw materials. The products allow the skin to breathe and are certified for vegetarians too. Most of all, it refers to goods produced, manufactured and composed of ingredients that are allowed under thorough Islamic law. They also make halal products for pregnant women and babies.

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Olivia Choi
K-Herald Korea
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