Flower decorations can liven up a party


Many people nowadays are only interested in what affects their own lives, are obsessed with appearance, and slaves to current trends. Teachers should tell students to enjoy the present and look at the world differently, instead of telling them to only study to get a good job. In order to enjoy their days, a large number of people try to find passion in their life and spend many years for that, even though it is not easy to just build a career in a field they want right away. One of those fortunate people who have achieved their dream is Christina Kim. She has a job as a floral designer and enjoys the job she currently has. When she was young, Kim went to New York with the aspiration of becoming a great fashion designer. However, her path led to her becoming a floral designer.



Unlike the past, the floral industry is a global, fast-growing industry, which has achieved significant growth rates during the past few decades. For instance, annual U.S. spending on floral products is 26 billion dollars and they spend 36% of flower purchases used for home decorations. The meaning is also changing – it’s now more professional and luxurious. Among the young generation, a flower is not simply considered special day gifts. They use it for various ways, even as accessories, and became a trend. Kim certainly has potential to bring this trend to South Korea due to the fact that not only she studied in New York, but also grew up with familiar circumstances in the U.S. She became accustomed to the flower culture naturally and became acquainted with related knowledge as she grew up. Based on these things, she opened her shop in Korea and can be a trendsetter to use flowers more regularly and even has plans on expanding her business.


“There was little consumer awareness about having a party surrounded with flowers in South Korea. That was a big difference between Korea and the U.S. I want to help plan a party where it shows the host’s character and brighten up parties with decorative flowers in South Korea.” It is not simply just a floral design. Kim’s goal is to create an ambience of place and present happiness for people.

▶ Brand Name : Moment de fleur
▶ CEO : Christina Kim
▶ T : +8210 9147 9830
▶ Email : [email protected]
▶ www.momentdefleur.modoo.at

Olivia Choi
K-Herald Korea
(Los Angeles Times Advertising Supplement)