Portable computing made easy with SurfBoard


Lentus has a record of product development and innovation that is second to none. Not only are we in a pretty predatory era of globalization, but product and service innovation are having a dramatic impact. Identify opportunities to fuel improvements and innovation around processes, programs, and products. As a world-class consumer electronics R/D company, Lentus’ goal is the delivery of technological innovation in every product they sell. This dedication to technical excellence ensures product sophistication designed to satisfy a variety of consumer electronic needs. Business process innovation is the biggest differentiator, not product or service features. Innovation, fast-time-to-market and development of desirable products are key business goals that they believe innovation starts at the top, that it goes beyond products and services and that it requires optimization. Today, Autodesk Digital Prototyping is revolutionizing the way in which companies design, manufacture and market their products. At this level of innovation, it seems an understatement to say we introduce new products. It’s innovation made easy.



A new conceptual input device that maximizes the convenience of computer users has been developed. It is the SurfBoard, an all-in-one input device that was created with aim to provide convenience for users. CEO Felix Lee of Lentus, Inc. has been a leader in IT electronics manufacturing and device development in a wide range of fields. He was recognized for his work in the manufacturing process, developing the electronic parts and automation equipment. He has developed the ‘SurfBoard’ to prepare for the rapidly changing IT environment. The SurfBoard is an integrated controller that fits any computer user who wants a more comfortable work environment, and can use both keyboard and mouse functions to control all of the computer’s document input, data retrieval, and organizing. It is automatically converted from keyboard mode to mouse mode with any special button. You can feel it at the same time. Conventional touch input devices have disadvantages in that feedback or user’s intention is not transmitted correctly when inputting information, but the SurfBoard overcomes these disadvantages with clear haptic response and accuracy, so users unfamiliar with touch input devices can quickly adapt. The remarkable advantage compared with other products is you can control the placement, configuration, and size of keys through the program. Moreover, you can rearrange the key arrangement as you like. I think these points are enough to attract your attention. SurfBoard is expected to revolutionize in the keyboard market.

▲   Lentus, Inc.
▲   Brand Name : SurfBoard
▲   CEO : Felix Lee
▲   T : +8231 502 0353
▲   Email : [email protected]
▲   www.lentus.co.kr

Sunny Seon
K-Herald Korea
(Los Angeles Times Advertising Supplement)