Provide a strong security for your business with Hankyung I-Net


This ever-increasing amount of data within a company’s infrastructure can no longer be controlled without a management system. Using digital management systems will remove or outsource routine functions and production. For example, a bank may be introducing a major new customer relationship management initiative. Using a guideline for ‘Adoption of Business Process Management Systems’ bottlenecks and improves content accuracy with a streamlined, auditable web content management system. Thus, Hankyung I-Net ensures through their quality and environmental management systems that work processes are optimized continually. Many companies seem to be talking about portfolio management systems or portfolio project management systems these days. Suggesting a concept of ‘3D Spatial Event Information Control System for Visitor Flow Control in Multi Complex Building’ analyzes assets for vulnerabilities, links remediation to network management systems and reports on progress. The organization has integrated tightly on the monitoring, alerting, and incident management systems.


Without proper management systems, businesses cannot tell when a security breach has taken place and with it allows you to extend your management systems to support your customers and business partners. Administrators can create and manage classes, properties, storage, and metadata that form the foundation of an Enterprise Content Management system. By combining all of these features, administrators are provided with a complete central management system. Hankyung I-Net now combines network admission control and security information management systems to enforce corporate security policies system-wide. All legal and security requirements must be factored in and an appropriate risk management system in place to ensure adherence. The business benefit is improved upon ability to accommodate spikes in infrastructure demands. Work with a trusted vendor to design, test, and deploy an infrastructure together. Hankyung I-Net also serves as the focal point for consultants and system integrators.

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Mike Choi
K-Herald Korea
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