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There is a growing tendency in skin care functional cosmetic day by day and people have shown an interest in low-cost and high-efficiency beauty products more than professional products. Boosted by makeup and natural beauty products, the sector is expected to rise from $80 billion today to $90 billion by 2020. Among the beauty products, we are looking for plenty of masks as a way to maximize the skin condition in the simple and shortest time. The skin care industry has witnessed considerable growth in terms of both products and revenue over the past few years. The addition of innovative mask packs has presented the industry to expand in a new direction. As for the current trend, the global facial masks market has witnessed a remarkable growth rate. The global facemasks sheet market is expected to reach a valuation of US $336.7 million by the end of 2024. During the forecast period, it is expected to exhibit a CAGR of 8.7%.


Initially, people pursued convenience and low price, but today a mask has been more effective coupled with functionality. Moreover, a mask pack comes in many forms and ingredients from non-woven fabrics, hydrogels, bio-cellulose to recently syringe-type mask. Not only are facemasks popularized, but also neck, chest, and body masks are also released. The demand of mask packs will steadily increase because smart consumers consistently buy cosmetics if it accords with high-efficiency products for prices as products are becoming more diverse and getting better quality. Now, it is time to choose a mask pack more intelligently, and if you are confused about what to choose from a large number of mask packs, check out Elimina by Hanbit GreenBio. It has been suggested that SMEs (Small and Medium-Sized Enterprise) must pay particular attention to manufacturing hygiene management. A problem has come up in a normal mask pack as a majority of mask packs is made with consignment production with the sheet becoming exposed to the bacteria in the course of putting the essence in the packaging. Elimina, on the other hand, developed an integrated sheet that made the essence gel-type using beta-glucan which is also called beta-bio gel. It can be regarded as more hygienic by constructing it with a thorough manufacturing management system. You can feel the effects that the skin absorbs quickly when attached to the face because all the ingredients are condensed in the gel.  It is a great choice for reducing wrinkles and protection. Beta-glucan penetrates deep into the skin and promotes collagen synthesis. It has been reported that beta-glucan by fermentation method has a function of managing skin moisture more than around 20% higher than hyaluronic acid. In addition, macrophage is activated by beta-glucan and prevents secondary infection of acne by phagocytosis, which the main component of sebum is by UVA. It reduces sensitivity about factors of skin irritation and improves immune function. It has superior ability of alleviating skins with sensitivity and irritation, and getting acne problems under control.


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Sunny Seon
K-Herald Korea
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