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Competition among manufacturers to make beverages healthier is becoming more and more intense. Clean ingredients have moved from a trend to the standard for many beverage categories and brands. Creating products that are fresh and healthy is the new direction to as these attributes will become increasingly crucial contributors to consumer셲 measurement of healthy in 2017.

According to the data monitor market research, more than 70% of consumers select their beverage with the positive word 쁣resh or 쁭atural. The reason of the selection is that the selected beverage has more nutrition and healthier than other beverages. However, what consumers overlook is being deceived by marketing strategies. It is important that knowing about functional healthcare products and accepting products.

Oxygen is an essential element for survival. Conversely, reactive oxygen species destroy the membrane of cells. The reactive oxygen species destroy the immune system and weakens the resistance. We need to refer to the American medical journal that 쁥ydrogen can effectively reduce active oxygen by Dr. Ota Shigeo셲 research team.

Essentially, because the hydrogen is the smallest existing molecule, it has a high level of bioavailability, allowing it to pass easily through cell membranes in the body to target the root cause of disease. Hydrogen may treat and prevent metabolic syndrome. It also slows the development of neurodegenerative diseases.

The Anydoctor Healthcare Company has invented hydrogen water-related products and is the first in South Korea to have hydrogen water in an aluminum container that has a high hydrogen retention capacity. Hydrogen water is a new technology that maximizes the amount of dissolved hydrogen. It is an excellent antioxidant product. In addition, unlike the existing hydrogen water, Anydoctor셲 hydrogen water increased its expiration date up to two years through research. The strongest characteristic of this hydrogen water has a soft and clean taste by dissolving a high concentration of natural water from Deogyu Mountain in Korea.


In addition, Anydoctor also invented a hydrogen beauty mask sheet called 쁔iny Mask and has a special, patented aluminum pouch that maintains stability of hydrogen molecule. The conventional hydrogen mask packs are simply injected by electrolysis and has a disadvantage of hydrogen flow after opening. In contrast with this disadvantage, Anydoctor have found a solution with the aluminum pouch to increase the retention rate of hydrogen through numerous trial and errors.

TINY Mask Pack

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