How to fix your bad posture

It’s quite unfortunate that normal people going about their daily lives develop unhealthy habits, such as slouching or skewed posture. When people sit in a stagnant position for long periods of time, they’re more susceptible to developing a twisted leg, bent back, or excessive irritation to the spine. This causes great harm to our overall health and body line. Little do most people know that this issue can also cause cellulite to accumulate in the lower body, blood circulation not being able to regulate itself, and severe bone rotting in their hip joints. Overall, skewed posture and irregular balance in our bodies is a problem that needs to be addressed. This is why many companies are devoted to preventing this issue from worsening by encouraging everyone to maintain their body’s pelvic equilibrium and fixing their postures.


This is where Hi-Hip, a South Korean company, comes into play as they begin to develop certain products that place emphasis on maintaining our body shapes along with body-type correction. Rather than using an ordinary chair, Hi-Hip has developed their own seating mechanism that is guaranteed to improve posture and pelvis formation. Their Hi-Hip chair is equipped with a pelvic belt to support our pelvis by positioning it at the ideal angle of 85 degrees, a banana-shaped opening in the back to assure a comfortable fit, LED therapy to help with overall body balance with a thermal effect, and pelvis correction wings that are built to position our hips and legs in a way that would improve our overall posture.

People might be curious about the benefits of LED therapy or far-infrared radiation. The benefits of this include the proper maintenance of body temperature, balancing the supply of nutrients through blood circulation in the body, the excretion of waste matter from the body and neutralization of odor, maintenance of nutrition balance by decomposing various nutrients of the human body, maintenance of proper moisture for the human body, and the overall promotion of the body’s growth. More and more research is being done on far-infrared rays and how they can benefit the health and integrity of our bodies. Studies on the effect of far-infrared rays in correlation to the human body revealed that the wavelength of these rays penetrates deeply and generates about 2,000 vibrations; this gives far-infrared rays the ability to control the body through generated heat. This is how Hi-Hip’s far-infrared system is able to shape and mold our bodies by applying heat.

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All-in-all, it is important for everyone to take a step in the right direction when it comes to our body’s health. Skewed posture can start at a very early age as more and more students are being contained indoors for long periods of time and sitting in irregular positions. Hi-Hip assures that this problem can be solved just by correcting the way we sit and position ourselves.

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Julie Kim
K-Herald Korea
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