2017 World Ginseng Expo to be held in Geumsan, Korea in fall


South Korea has high growth potential in the ginseng industry due to the history of 1500 years of Korean (Goryeo) Ginseng, high recognition, and excellent efficacy. A cultivated ginseng plant can take from four to six years to grow, from selecting the seeds to harvesting, and the more attention given to cultivation, the greater its medicinal effect. Korea has the optimal conditions for ginseng, whose cultivation requires the right natural environment. It is particularly sensitive to climate, to the amount of sunlight, and to soil. Considered a cure for various illnesses even in modern times, Goryeo ginseng has more effectiveness than any other type of ginseng and is effective towards prevention and treatment of most diseases. Because of this, Goryeo ginseng is more expensive than other kinds of ginseng. Korean red ginseng is known as the ‘King of Herbs’ and can be sharply contrasted with other inferior ginseng species. Korean ginseng boasts more than 30 varieties of healthy plant saponins and ginsenosides are found only in Korean ginseng. The red ginseng is more effective than general ginseng, and the Korea Food and Drug Administration (KFDA) recognized six kinds of efficacy in improving immunity, relieving fatigue, improving memory, improving blood circulation, antioxidant activity, and improving menopausal symptoms.


Geumsan-gun is famous for ginseng since the late Goryeo Dynasty and it also has one of the biggest markets of ginseng and medicinal herbs in Korea nowadays. Even though it doesn’t produce as much ginseng as it did in the old days, it still produces more than 80% of ginseng distributed across South Korea. Therefore, ‘The World Ginseng Expo Geumsan 2017’ is scheduled to be held in Geumsan-gun as a large-scale government-wide international event to encourage and stimulate Korean and foreign ginseng production and consumption expansion amid this crisis. The Geumsan Expo is an industry fair that presents the direction and vision of the ginseng industry to all over the world and plans 59 operating programs including official events, international exchanges, exhibitions & events, and international conventions. The Expo will promote the local economy and the superiority of Goryeo ginseng. In addition, ginseng farming will be highlighted as a new tourism resource by attracting foreign visitors and the Expo will be held as an opportunity for popularization and globalization of Goryeo ginseng. Above all, the Expo has launched the ‘World Ginseng Cities Union’ with 26 ginseng representative cities including Korea, China, USA and Canada, and they plan to communicate new perspectives and meaning to Korean ginseng as a place of communication that shares the excellence of ginseng.

Irene Kim
K-Herald Korea
(Los Angeles Times Advertising Supplement)