Fermented beauty products is the next best thing in K-beauty

The latest trend in cosmetics particularly skin care is fermented beauty products. This concept, originated in South Korea, basically involves fermentation of natural ingredients like black tea, ginseng, seaweed, bamboo extract, hibiscus, snow lotus and other various herbs and flowers. Some people may think that fermented ingredients are only for food, but in Korea, it is also used in Korean skin care products. Since fermented cosmetics use fermented natural ingredients, it is beneficial to all skin types including sensitive skin.


The advantage of fermented ingredients compared to a non-fermented one is that the fermentation process breaks down the molecular structure of the ingredient via a metabolic process to make it more skin-compatible and absorbed more easily. Another benefit of fermented ingredients is that the fermentation process makes the ingredients more concentrated so people get a more potent effectiveness. Additionally, most of skincare formulations are created after heating the ingredients, which could potentially lower efficacy of the active ingredients. However, fermented ingredients do not use the heating process, so the efficacy can be preserved. Furthermore, fermented products usually do not contain paraben, which is a chemical structure, because the fermented ingredients help to preserve a product.

If you want to experience a breakthrough in cosmetics marketing that is no longer disappointing for consumers, you would do best to pay attention to MJ Group’s Medi-Reform Korea’s brand ‘Bebemasse’ cosmetics. ‘Bebemasse’ made cosmetics only using patented raw materials (EWG grades) certified as plant fermented (yeast extract) protein and organic raw materials. They manufacture and develop cosmetics using Supercritical Extraction / Multi-Fermentation / Trans Dermal Technology to plant extracts with the maximum elimination of chemical compositions. Additionally, ‘Bebemasse’ has developed scalp care products to face care line and neck wrinkle care products. They believe when the scalp is healthy, the face skin becomes healthy too. The condition of the scalp affects the face skin because the scalp muscles and facial muscles are connected each other.


In addition, as a dietary specialty line, ‘Zalock cream’ was released, and under MJ Group, Zalock Korea was also launched. The plant fermented protein, which is the main raw material of ‘Zalock cream’, is extracted from young plants and is the key raw material of Zalock Korea, like ‘Bebemasse’. The ‘Zalock cream’ gives a feeling of heat in the dermal layer when it is applied and can have a synergy effect of decomposing body fat if exercising together. It not only provides a simple feeling of warmth, but also helps to improve skin and relieve muscular pain. In 2015, MJ Group conducted efficacy assessment and clinical demonstration of fermented proteins at the Korea Research Institute of Bio-Science and completed the transfer of technology patents in 2017. In the near future, they are planning to launch a new brand called ‘The Value’.

A lot of people consume healthy functional foods because they want to be healthy, but only a few people really care about skin health. If you want to keep your skin healthy, why not try using ‘Bebemasse’ products that contain fermentation ingredients on your skin as well as continuing to eat healthy foods.

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Sunny Seon, Irene Kim
K-Herald Korea
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