‘NEWSTEM’ will give your skin a balance of health and beauty

With many different skincare products being launched into the health and cosmetics market, it’s difficult for any product line to stand out amongst the rest. Nowadays, people are more drawn to a product’s aesthetic or brand more than the actual effectiveness of the item itself. This is why YJ Lab is attempting to introduce the trend of combining cosmetics with pharmaceutical purposes – cosmeceutical, as they like to call it – to help cure skin diseases and maintain the health and integrity of our skin at the same time. Their efforts involve intensive research to see how external factors are severely damaging to our skin and how internal factors can cause our skin to age. Therefore, YJ Lab has essentially developed an innovative combination of human-derived culture stem cells, factors that contribute to purity growth, and even more suitable ingredients necessary for our skin’s overall balance and beauty. They named this brand ‘NEWSTEM’.

So what exactly goes into these products? ‘NEWSTEM’ is mainly derived from the adipocyte stem cell suture fluid. Stem cell cultures containing 180 kinds of growth factors, peptides and cytokines are used as skin components to induce wound healing function, restoration of wounded tissue, regulation of proliferation of immune cells and promoting proliferation of foreskin keratinocytes. In addition, callus is an essential ingredient to ‘NEWSTEM’ because of its anti-aging properties. It is also environmentally friendly and provides a sustainable raw material that can help it grow to an adult cell. Other sub-ingredients of ‘NEWSTEM’ include panax ginseng callus culture extract which promotes anti-oxidation, vitis vinifera callus culture extract which serves as a moisturizing component.

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‘NEWSTEM’ has also taken their scientific findings further by incorporating nano-liposome technology into their research and product development. Researchers found that liposomes can typically fuse with other bilayers such as the cell membrane, which actually enhances the overall release of its contents and makes them useful for cosmetic applications. Due to this technology, ‘NEWSTEM’s products boast a good affinity to the skin gap and excellent penetration ability. ‘NEWSTEM’ has also introduced the utilization of culture plant stem cells into their products. Plant stem cells are highly potent and contain up to 1,000 times the amount of antioxidants compared to other botanical extracts. After incorporating plant stem cells into a skincare line, clinical studies have actually proven that they help increase collagen synthesis and cell renewal while simultaneously reducing the appearance of aging.

The products themselves include the NEWSTEM Rx Ceramide Lotion and the NEWSTEM Rx Ceramide Cream; these two promote low irritation, moisturization, skin barrier improvement, and itching relief. Another line includes the NEWSTEM Rx Fractional Cream and the NEWSTEM Rx Intensive Cream which promote quick relief, skin repair, skin barrier improvement, and protection for sensitive skin. Overall, it is quite difficult to decide which skincare line is best suited for our daily skincare routines. However, YJ Lab attempts to change this issue by making ‘NEWSTEM’ easily accessible to those who suffer from skin problems. Everyone should try to incorporate a cosmeceutical skincare line into their routines as it can greatly affect the overall health and integrity of our most vulnerable property – our skin.

▲   YJ Lab Co., Ltd.
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▲   CEO : Young-Jo Park
▲   T :  +82-70-5102-0577
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Julie Kim
K-Herald Korea
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