SMART-ECO’s big-data platform is recognized as the first and only technology in the world

After President Donald Trump announced that the US would no longer honor the Paris climate agreement, three states have announced they’re rebelling. New York governor Andrew Cuomo, California governor Edmund Brown Jr., and Washington state governor Jay Inslee said they’re forming a coalition of states committed to fighting climate change. The move basically formally shifts the responsibility of reducing greenhouse gas emissions from the federal government to the local level. Last year, California extended an ambitious law aimed at slashing emissions 40 percent below the 1990 levels by 2030. New York, California, and Washington represent 68 million Americans and over one-fifth of US GDP, accounting for at least 10 percent of greenhouse gas emissions in the US. Despite Trump’s declaration of withdrawal from the Paris Climate Convention, the US is joining the Paris Convention Alliance against Trump in 12 states. This is to prove that reducing greenhouse gas emissions and carbon restraint are just as urgent and is a critical issue. In addition, although electric cars and hydrogen cars are currently providing alternatives for energy reduction in the automobile market, it is true that they are experiencing a practical challenge because they cannot replace all existing vehicles with eco-friendly vehicles.

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As the most realistic approach, in order to reduce carbon emission, there is an application called “Eco Drive” that uses Big-Data developed by SMART-ECO in South Korea. SMART-ECO has predicted the implementation of carbon emission trading system and completed the development of a system for monitoring the emission of greenhouse gases (GHG). The first feature of SMART-ECO’s big data platform application for automobile and road environment is a function to measure and reduce greenhouse gas emissions from automobiles. This app can expect to improve fuel efficiency by improving driving behavior by analyzing and providing a driver’s driving behavior in a monitoring server platform. According to the actual driver, it was confirmed that fuel efficiency improved by 20% and more. The second feature is the ability to analyze the driver’s driving behavior in using big-data as an app based on which driver’s driving behavior can be optimized. Based on this record, it is possible to prevent traffic accidents by inducing drivers to drive safely.

In addition, they opened an automotive greenhouse gas monitoring center in the Southeast Industrial Complex in Incheon, South Korea and conducted a pilot project for about 200 vehicles. As a result, it has been shown that it achieves an annual saving of 250 million liters of fuel, an annual reduction of 580 thousand tons of carbon dioxide, and an annual saving of 500 billion won. Currently, the movement to reduce energy such as eco-drive is being promoted all over the world, but there are many things that we all have to apply in our lives. In order to preserve the environment, we have to work together to make a better circumstance, and we clearly need a company like ‘SMART-ECO’ for the future.

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