The lingerie that makes you want to be exposed – AGNEL

The concept of lingerie has been developed in women’s own personality and European aristocracy and these days, its concept has been completed in fashion. As lingerie evolved into fashion, customers could gradually expose innerwear to fashion. In addition, lingerie brands are transforming from simple innerwear to trendy brands. According to the Total Materiel Requirement (TMR) Analysis 2017, the global lingerie market was valued at $33.18 billion in 2015 and is expected to be worth $55.83 billion by the end of 2024. The global market is estimated to rise at a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 6.4% during the forecast period of 2016 and 2024 due to various growth drivers that have been carefully studied in this research report.


‘AGNEL’, a Korean designer brand’s products, have reinterpreted to be able to go beyond the concept of the traditional lingerie to make stylish lingerie that want to reveal details like out-showing clothes. AGNEL’s CEO Aram Kim has been designing unique and creative lingerie based on various experiences gained by working as a designer of famous international lingerie brands. She participated in a swimsuit design contest held by La Perla, an Italian luxury brand, for London Fashion College students. There her work was highly acclaimed as an experimental work to replace the detail, and later she joined La Perla’s design team. After that, she worked at Marks & Spencer, a rather commercialist British conglomerate, and BORDELLE, a London designer luxury brand. At that time, she refused to offer a good scout and returned to Korea in order to launch her own brand.


AGNEL offers a creative design of Signature Line, Bridal Collection and Swimwear with unique concepts. One of AGNEL’s main products is the “Choker (strap) Bra”. It was given a point by the strap detail and the triangular pattern, which received the cup in the form of the brass, which was inspired from the garter belt. If you purchase a choker-bra, you will also receive a halter-strap and if you replace it with an adjuster hook, you can style it with two ways: a halter and choker. Wearing this product will make you stand out on a special day. The Bridal Line uses a luxurious imported wedding lace, using a single layer-bra to create a natural and feminine silhouette.

She changed the perception of lingerie by applying the somewhat unusual details of European lingerie to the existing lingerie in Korea. AGNEL went beyond the concept of traditional lingerie and tried to show women attempted to have more individuality and confidence through their lingerie. As see-through fashion trends became popular, Kim made the details of lingerie even more precise by focusing on the fact that the innerwear can only be exposed only when it is pretty. It is a brand identity that only AGNEL has to feel fashionable and unique when lingerie is exposed or revealed. AGNEL is seen as a differentiator in trying to eliminate the boundary between outerwear and innerwear.

▲   Brand Name: AGNEL
▲   CEO : Agnes Aram Kim
▲   E-mail : [email protected]
▲   T : +82-70-7869-0106

Sunny Seon, Irene Kim
K-Herald Korea
(Los Angeles Times Advertising Supplement)