Adding anticancer herbal tea to your diet is the next best thing


Tea is definitely something that’s integrated into American society. Many health-conscious people substitute tea for coffee because most kinds contain caffeine yet also provide health benefits. Americans definitely see the benefits and aesthetics of drinking tea. The US demand for tea has increased in recent years, most likely due to an increased national interest in health and diet in general. According to IMARC Group, the global tea market has grown at a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 5.2% during 2009-2016, reaching production volumes worth 5.6 million tons in 2016.

Orostachys japonica naturally grows on rocks, on low mountains and along streams. It is variable and widespread in Korea, Japan, Russia and China. The leaves and stems contain several medically active constituents, including fatty acid esters and flavonoids. They are antispasmodic and cytotoxic. According to ‘Medicinal Plants in the Republic of Korea’, Orostachys japonica used to treat diseases such as various cancers, gastric ulcers, fever, hepatitis, arthritis, eczema, for hemostasis, and intoxication in folk medicine, and has been an important constituent in many herbal formulae. In contemporary medicine, Orostachys japonica is among the best known among 40 anticancer herbs currently known to date.

Usually, the taking method of Orostachys is by mixing powder with yogurt to neutralize the bitter and sour taste, or to swallow it in the form of a pill. Wasong-Bio Co., Ltd. has developed the Wasong tea made of Orostachys japonica to complement the bitter and sourness of the plant so that it can be ingested without any aversion. Wasong tea is grown directly on the farm in Jeollabuk-do Province, processed in a factory with Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points (HACCP) facilities, and only made with 100% of Orostachys. Orostachys, a raw material of Wasong tea, was previously classified as a medicinal herb and could not be processed. However, from October 2013, the ground portion excluding roots was certified as edible by the Food and Drug Administration.


Jinwasong tea is made by using whole part of Orostachys except for its roots, unlike existing tea which has been made by processing specific parts such as leaves and flower petals. The characteristic of this tea is that it is a tea produced by a patented manufacturing method so that it has excellent flavor and can produce a smooth and sweet finish taste. In addition, Jinwasong tea, which is well suited to the recent trend of well-being, has a characteristic that it quickly eliminates the spicy and oily tastes from vegetables and animal oil.

Jinwasong tea passed the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) functional food safety inspection and registration in August 2017, and has exported to Japan and China. As well as Jinwasong tea, Wasong-Bio Co., Ltd. is also researching cosmetics by launching Wasong Spa and Wasong Cream. If you want to keep both your health and your skin, I recommend trying both Jinwasong tea and Wasong cream, which is contained with real Orostachys, made by Wasong-Bio.

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Sunny Seon, Irene Kim
K-Herald Korea
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