Substitute your caffeine intake for tea to stay healthy

With tea becoming a trendier beverage in the United States, consumers have decided to substitute their usual caffeine intake for tea. Overall, tea has been in high demand because people are starting to see its health benefits, unlike coffee which offers almost none. This is why Wasong-Bio has developed their own brand of tea to compete with the others on the market. Their Wasong Tea includes the infamous ingredient called the Orostachys japonica, which is commonly found in countries such as South Korea, Japan, Russia, and China. Orostachys japonica has proven to treat various ailments such as certain cancers, gastric ulcers, fever, hepatitis, arthritis, eczema, and hemostasis. It셲 made itself known as one of the best out of the 40 existing anticancer herbs. Specifically, Wasong Tea has combined the Orostachys japonica herb with other elements to evade its usual sour and bitter taste.

To go more in depth about Wasong-Bio as a company, their overall business emphasizes the importance of three elements when it comes to marketing their brand the human population, globalization, and being future-oriented. The company claims that the general population is what drives their brand forward because its products are for the best interests of the people. Wasong-Bio also believes that it is important to have its brand exposed to a global audience to spread the awareness of maintaining one셲 health and well-being through its products. Lastly, Wasong-Bio claims that they are working towards developing a sustainable future not only for themselves but for their consumers as well. This is why Wasong-Bio has decided to take a step further by also creating a cosmetic product to complement their tea. Wasong-Bio cream, Wasong mask pack, and Wasong soap all contain properties similar to that of the tea, including the use of Orostachys japonica for guaranteed results.

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All of the products under Wasong-Bio boast an impressive amount of health benefits as it helps prevent cancer, contains an anti-inflammatory component, improves blood circulation, and strengthens the immune system. The products also contain an abundance of natural elements that help elevate the overall results: Vitamin A, Vitamin E, calcium, potassium, Vitamin C, iron, zinc, folate, retinol, and niacin. Not only are the products made directly in a domestic farm within Korea, but they are also developed in a factory that offers HACCP facilities.

Everyone, no matter what demographic they fit into, should be aware about their health. However, it셲 understandable if people don셳 know how to take that first step into maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Wasong-Bio has made this easier for people by creating products that are edible and cosmetic. The transition into a healthy way of life has been made convenient for everyone, and it is highly possible that Wasong-Bio products can influence the ongoing trend of maintaining one셲 health and well-being.

뼯혻혻 Wasong-Bio Co., Ltd.
뼯혻혻 Brand Name: Jin Wasong Tea
뼯혻혻 CEO :혻 Seon-ho Jung
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뼯혻혻 T :혻 +82-02-493-2425

Julie Kim
K-Herald Korea
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