Better Ways to Say Underwear; Underwear vs Lingerie

Have you ever thought about the difference between underwear and lingerie? These two words are often used interchangeably and many people do not even consider their meaning when they use them.

Lingerie is a category of women’s clothing, including undergarments, sleepwear, and robes. The origin of lingerie comes from the French word 쁫inge, which means linen derived from the Latin 쁫ineus. The specific choice of the word, lingerie often is intended to imply the garments are alluring or fashionable. Underwear is defined as clothing that is worn next to the skin and under other clothing. It implies very functional and hygienic benefits. Anything from your grandmother셲 briefs or a baby셲 body suit to sports bras or shape wears can be underwear.

Although both lingerie and underwear are usually worn under clothes, they serve very different purposes. Underwear focuses on functionality and effectiveness whilst lingerie focuses on aesthetics and fashion. Lingerie has various types depending on when, where, why and how you wear it. There are 쁲pecial-occasion lingerie, such as bridal lingerie, and everyday lingerie, 쁥aute couture lingerie that is shown in catwalks and more wearable 쁯ret-a-porter lingerie. Additionally, some lingerie can be worn as outerwear. There are so many charming lingerie styles that it셲 a shame to cover them up. Some bras and slips have as many fashionable details as blouses and dresses.

Street Fashion; Lingerie-as-outerwear혻

The beginning of 쁫ingerie-as-outerwear approach was started with the camisole, which originally derived from a waist-length garment with an embroidered neckline or waistline and thin shoulder straps that is a standard piece of lingerie, eventually becoming an item of outerwear by the 1970s. Similarly, numerous fashion designers used the slip, a staple garment of lingerie, as outerwear in the 1990s, most notably John Galliano, Dolce & Gabbana.


Shayne Oliver셲 debuted collection for Helmut Lang

The latest 쁫ingerie-as-outerwear inspired fashion show I have ever seen is the collection of 12th of September, Shayne Oliver셲 debuted collection for Helmut Lang. This ready to wear collection shows next level lingerie-as-outerwear. This trend has been promoted as a mainstream style for many years and numbers of fashion designers are trying to cross over categories. I think there is no longer a boundary between outerwear and lingerie and no more the meaning to define these concepts.

Good lingerie can make a woman feel confidence, no matter what she is wearing on the outside. Inside, she is wearing beautiful lingerie and this awareness gives her confidence. Lingerie is very related to a strong aspirational and emotional content. It has the power to entice, allure and evoke. Lingerie has more powerful and special energy than any other fashion items and it is only allowed for women. It is true that underwear should provide functional benefits, but I suggest enjoying your privilege to express yourself with lingerie. When you blur a boundary between lingerie and outerwear, the way to express yourself through styles may be greatly expanded.


Shayne Oliver셲 debuted collection for Helmut Lang

Your style and taste are expressions of who you are, and that셲 something that shouldn셳 be dictated by the desires of someone else. As with other fashion items, when you choose your lingerie you are also making choices about the way you want to look and feel. It is a personal taste or a daily choice depends on your daily mood, such as going bra free in a top or wearing lingerie as outerwear. I hope the next time when you go shopping for your intimate apparel, think about the distinctions between lingerie and underwear to better help you find what you are looking for and how you want to look.

Agnes Aram Kim