Purisoo – a reusable water bottle that is environmental friendly

It’s easy for people nowadays to forget about certain luxuries offered by some of the earth’s resources. For instance, water is such a vital part of maintaining our health and hydration levels, yet we forget to drink the recommended daily amount. This could be due to the fact that many of us have substituted water with sugary or caffeinated drinks. Fortunately, a company called U2 System has released a product that not only makes us more inclined to make water part of our daily nutrition plan but it also promotes drinking clean, purified water to enhance our overall bodily functions.

U2 System is an all-around UX consulting firm that provides a vast range of services that centers around user-friendly design development and UX research. Their current team consists of professionals in HCI, ergonomics, ICT, design and management.

The product of interest is called Purisoo and it is a portable water purifier. It can also act as a tumbler to carry water around conveniently for the user to drink from at any time. There is a pump within the tumbler that purifies supposed “unclean” water from rivers and creeks. Purisoo is mainly advertised as the perfect product to use in the outdoors, but it can also be used in the comfort of one’s home or office. People can retrieve water from sinks and purify it, making it safe to drink casually. The tumbler is also a good size to store enough water and take it on-the-go without any complication. The best part of the Purisoo is that U2 System plans to make this product accessible to those with poor living conditions, including third-world countries and the like.


By creating such a product, U2 System has set the bar for a product that is both convenient and thoughtful to the rest of the environment. Rather than constantly going out to buy water bottles in bulk and throwing plastic bottles to waste, U2 System is promoting a reusable water bottle that also provides the user the clean water they deserve. This has many health benefits as well since many water sources in urban settings are not ideal to drink from, so people end up spending money on bottled water instead.

Rather than focusing on a product that could potentially bring in more profit, companies should focus on whether this product is actually helping people and the environment. U2 System is promoting not only user friendly convenience, but they’re also bringing attention to issues with our earth’s resources and how we waste things so easily without seeing the potential to reuse them.

▲   U2 System, Inc.
▲   Brand Name: : Purisoo
▲   CEO : Jae-hyun Choi
▲   http://www.u2system.co.kr
▲   E-mail : : choi2000@u2system.co.
▲   T : +82- 2-561-4986

Julie Kim
K-Herald Korea
(Los Angeles Times Advertising Supplement)

Published in Dec.22nd 2017