Weather through the cold winters with a heated vest by Memorette

The holiday season comes with more than just festive cheer. Temperatures can drop to a record-breaking low and hundreds of dollars are invested into purchasing clothes to keep warm during our daily routines. However, it셲 difficult enough to layer up during unpredictable weather conditions so people can find themselves having a hard time figuring out how they can survive harsh winters. A company in South Korea called Memorette has solved the never-ending question of 쏻hat should I wear? by inventing the On-Wear heating vest.


Memorette is the world셲 leading digital convergence company seeking to create history through their technological innovations. They felt compelled to create the On-Wear heating vest while they were manufacturing a USB memory storage product. Memorette purchased portable auxiliary batteries from LG, which ultimately powers the vest to function without plugging it in to an external power source. A dealer actually requested the company for a portable battery that would suit a cardigan-like heating vest. Rather than that, Memorette has decided that it would be even better to design a fashionable, convenient feather vest that can be layered underneath a suit jacket or parka.

What sets the heating vest apart from other heating products is mainly its slim fit. Typically, people can have a hard time layering underneath certain items of clothing due to the overall bulkiness of winter clothes. However, there is no need to worry about this dilemma with the On-Wear heating vest. Also, the auxiliary battery contains a temperature control function. The temperature of the vest can also be controlled or activated through Bluetooth technology. The current version of the vest has potential for future upgrades based on consumer convenience and a user-friendly interface. The two main designs include a casual, form-fitting vest that covers most of the upper body and another that only takes up the upper back region.

Memorette aims to market such a product not just within Korea, but overseas as well. Many people from different countries can find use in a heating vest. The overall design of these vests is made to suit an everyday lifestyle and guarantee warmth in cold weather conditions. With the climate change making temperatures almost impossible to predict, anyone can find solace in using the On-Wear heating vest.


뼯 혻Memorette,. Ltd
뼯 혻혻Brand Name: On-Wear
뼯 혻혻CEO: Bu Kook Park
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뼯 혻혻T: +82-2-703-8989

Published in Jan.12th 2018