Nongshim’s ‘Shin Ramyun’ Dances SNS with Its Rhythmical Commercial

Focused on the ‘sound’, caught the world’s eye

ShinRamyun CM 04

Nongshim’s new commercial, “The Sound of Delicious” on Youtube efficiently attracted more than three million viewers around the world. This commercial was originally released as two versions, full 60-second and 30-second one. What gained such popularity is the latter.

This 30-second video is composed of tens of various sounds and situations that any people can experience while cooking and tasting this tasty Shin Ramyun, such are sounds of gas stove, kitchen knife, boiling water, pot, egg and mouthwatering eating sounds that diverse people make when they are in home, car, a camping ground, near a lake, shore, and on a hill. To put all these scenes in one simple sequence, all shots were extremely compressed and linked with very short beats. Thanks to beautiful images, sound effects and brilliant editing skills, it is almost like a short clever music video, composed of full ‘delicious’ beat-box sounds, tempting the viewers to buy their appetizing noodle.

With its unique rhythmical feature, this commercial also hit on a number of SNS and websites including Youtube. Online users are generally showing positive reactions. Some commented about their good impression for the product, mentioning “My favorite noodle” and some others asked and shared the recipe. It seems Nongshim succeeded to seize global customers’ ears and eyes as well as their tongues. Now worldwide interests and expectations are illuminating this Korean-best-selling noodles, wondering if this may become more than a ‘Korean’ best.

By Jieun Kim

(Korea Herald)