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Using too much detergent will pollute the environment. Attention has therefore turned to the question of population growth – it is far easier to preserve the environment if our natural resources are shared among fewer people. Instead of adding to the indoor pollution and toxic waste produced in your home through the use of poisonous household cleansers, you could be creating a sparkling clean environment with Gold Mate water as a natural cleaner.

Gold Mate is a sterilized cleaning to take over an excellent effect, as well as salmonella poisoning, salmonella, coliform bacillus, and various kinds of germs. Chlorine is added to drinking water supplies, either as the gas itself, or as sodium hypochlorite (bleach) or calcium hypochlorite solid.

Stated by the State of California Davis Medical Center, hypochlorous acid (HOCI) is a powerful oxidizing and chlorinating agent, produced by the neutrophil enzyme myeloperoxidase. The antioxidant defenses of freshly prepared human plasma against HOCI/OCI- were explored. Addition of HOCI/OCI- to plasma caused rapid oxidation of ascorbic acid and thiol (-SH) groups, but not of uric acid. Plasma -SH groups, which are known to be largely located on albumin, were quantitatively the most important scavenger of HOCI/OCI-, but adding extra ascorbate to plasma caused this molecule to have a more important scavenging role against HOCI/OCI-. Added HOCI/OCI- produced no detectable lipid peroxidation in plasma or depletion of lipid-soluble antioxidants (alpha-tocopherol or ubiquinol-10). No evidence of oxidative damage to protein amino acid residues (other than -SH) was detected by the carbonyl assay. It seems that -SH groups are a major target of attack by HOCI/OCI- in vivo, and plasma albumin may be an important protective antioxidant. Ascorbic acid might also play a protective role, especially in individuals supplemented with this vitamin. Ascorbate might also be important in extracellular fluids with low albumin concentrations such as synovial, respiratory tract lining, and cerebrospinal fluids.

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Published in Feb.12th 2018