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The success of such products depends on great design, making design even more important. “The younger market looks more at design and practicality, not luxury,” said company CEO Jae Hyun Park. In fact, its design was so convincing that it received the prestigious Red Dot Design Award, Germany award and the good design award for love messenger & diffuser. This feature amaranthine rose also has a stubborn smell. The choice is quite logical for just about anyone. The money, time, and energy spent on designing, creating, packaging, advertising, and distributing products go unrewarded with knock-offs. Marketers consider design, quality, and customer service to sell their products. It can help you analyze the effectiveness of your marketing displays, so you can make better decisions about design and placement. Making your own presents allows you to give each one its own significance, and your own designs offer much more scope for personalized great messages. Emotional intelligence helps us understand our own motivations, feelings and needs, which is crucial in understanding how to communicate effectively to our partner. Consider the unexplained joy you feel merely contemplating the purchase of a gift for another. Other people like to share their happiness or sadness with gifts. So during the holidays, despite the crowds, the long wait in slow lines, and the high prices, doesn’t deny yourself and others the pleasure of gift giving.

▲  Riena
▲  Brand Name: Love Messenger / Love Diffuser / Dienas tea (premium organic herb teas) / Rienas’ Fusser (diffuser)
▲   CEO: Russell Park
▲   E-mail:
▲   T: +82-2-2055-1973

Ralph Suh
K-Herald Korea
(Los Angeles Times Advertising Supplement)

Published in Feb.12th 2018