An accessory that’s necessary to sports and outdoor enthusiasts


With the overall health of the general population slowly depleting, people are starting to realize that physical activity is a vital source of regulating their health. Sports and exercise are helpful in terms of staying active, but it can lead to injuries and certain illnesses. Naroo, a company based in South Korea, created sports masks that protect users from extreme environmental conditions such as fine dust and intense UV rays. They claim that everything in sports starts with comfortable breathing. Naroo is making research and development of the masks that can eliminate such inconveniences.

Naroo emphasizes their innovation by claiming that their product line proposes new features such as anti-fog function and enables comfortable breathing. Their products contain core-tech 3D air-room which prevents moisture from dampening the front of the masks. The “Ex Bone” mask space created between the mask and the face in order to make the mask avoid contact between the mouth and nose. This allows for easy breathing and comfortable movement of the mouth of speech. The Ex Bone’s comfortable breathing mechanism also includes a structure that smoothly ventilates the user’s discharged breathing. The function can significantly reduce fogging that typically occurs on glasses or sports goggles. Naroo’s masks are customized according to each activity including mountain climbing, camping, bicycle, motorcycle, fishing, skiing, jogging, and more.


Naroo promotes a healthier, comfortable lifestyle through their product line. As a company, they strive to ensure that everyone not only continues to exercise physically but also ensure that we maintain basic bodily functions as well.

▲  Naroo Cem Co., Ltd
▲   Brand Name:  Naroo Mask
▲   CEO: Tae Lim Kim
▲   E-mail:
▲   T: +82-02-3474-9776

Dean Lee
K-Herald Korea
(Los Angeles Times Advertising Supplement)

Published in Mar.19th 2018