Goldmate helps keep your homes clean and pollution-free

The maker of Goldmate, Greensys, is a 17-year environmental meter company that measures and manages the concentration of environmental pollutants. Greensys leading products, which have been recognized for its expertise in the use of its products in the measurement of government environment, include a general air pollution meter, chimney pollution meter, and a water pollution meter. In recent years, Greensys has been developing and selling their products that manufacture ultra-fine dust measuring instruments, simple fine dust measuring instruments, and natural living rocks that aid in disinfection, sterilization, washing, and deodorization.

Goldmate, the main product of interest, is a device that produces environmentally friendly natural rocks that have excellent effects in sterilization, disinfection, cleaning and deodorization. It also contains natural lactose which has strong anti-bacterial effects against Salmonella, Legionella, Pneumococcus, Escherichia coli, Streptococcus, MRSA, and mold. The materials contained within Goldmate are powered by only tap water and salt. Goldmate is not only easy to operate, but the product itself is economical at a low cost.


Unlike effective chlorine-based products, Goldmate does not exude an irritating odor and does not use any additives or chemicals. As time passes, it is effectively decomposed into brine and does not pollute the natural environment. Goldmate promotes the company셲 overall mantra of being environmentally friendly.

How one can use Goldmate is by adding 800 grams of tap water and 25 grams of natural salt to the device; this will create electrolysis water within 30 minutes, which has a strong sterilizing ability and it is harmless to the human body. Some of the things Goldmate can accomplish is removing odor from pets, filter sterilization, disinfecting kitchenware, and overall bacteria removal.

Like Greensys, every company should strive to be as environmentally friendly. Many cleaning products disregard their damage to the environment and contain harsh chemicals that can ultimately affect the user셲 health. Greensys pledges to prevent all of this while slowly repairing our ecosystem by encouraging the use of their products.

뼯 혻Dongil Greensys Co., Ltd
뼯 혻Brand Name: Goldmate
뼯 혻CEO: Young Kyu Kim
뼯 혻
뼯 혻T: +82-2082-0355

Dean Lee
K-Herald Koreaa
(Los Angeles Times Advertising Supplement)

Published in Mar.19th 2018