The lasting flower made by Riena

It is difficult to imagine just how important design is when it comes to our daily lives. Everything we see or use exists thanks to how it was designed, and whether we like it or not, we overlook the fact that design is just as essential as other fields. Old or new, design is considered to be a factor of product planning. This is especially due to technology constantly being upgraded, thus the importance of product design has increased to become a final reason for consumers to decide whether or not they want to purchase an item. Riena, a company founded by Jae Yeon Park in 2014, plans and distributes products that focus on the importance of design. They believe that good design creates good business and revenue. However, what sets Riena셲 products apart from the rest is that they are priced reasonably compared to their competitors. Park decided to start the business in hopes of selling well-designed products without making consumers break the bank and how quality should not be sacrificed for lower prices.

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One of Riena셲 most notable products is the 쏬ove Messenger, a product that allows the texture and overall beauty of a flower to be retained for over three years through special treatment with an eco-friendly construction method. There are a wide variety of colors for both types of flowers offered – the rose and the carnation. It is a popular gift for those who want to present their loved ones with something romantic and lasting. Another product endorsed by Riena is the 쏬ove Diffuser, a trendsetting item in the Korean diffuser market. What sets this particular diffuser apart from the others is that the scent continues to remain strong and fragrant for three years whereas other generic diffusers tend to fade out fairly quickly.

Riena has rapidly been growing in the design market, and it is transitioning into a global integrated design solution company. By designing, directing, and exporting products, Riena plans to become a company that provides high quality products and certain services that satisfy both consumers and business owners.

뼯 혻Riena
뼯 혻혻Brand Name: Love Messenger / Love Diffuser / Diena셲 tea (premium organic herb teas) / Riena셲 diffuser
뼯 혻혻CEO: Russel Park
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