VR makes its way to education programs

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Virtual Reality has been rapidly growing in the realm of technology. People have utilized VR for gaming, work conferences, entertainment purposes, and even retail. Everyone is finding it more and more useful to experience the world without visual limitations. People can try on clothes without being in a physical clothing store or they can experience a different world altogether. However, VR is slowly on the rise in the education system. Students can essentially learn through visual representations, which is even more productive for their education. A company based in South Korea called Hello VR has taken advantage of this technological development. They셶e created a VR program that helps children learn while including a factor of entertainment.

With Hello VR셲 system, children can visualize the solar system, the dinosaur era, sea life, and the human body. The system comes with a picture book equivalent to a web comic so children can feel like they셱e having fun while learning at the same time. The book itself is made with high quality paper to ensure easy, wrinkle-free use.


Before the creation of their virtual reality learning program, Hello VR has still placed a great emphasis on book production and program development for the sake of education. They are currently planning to create a learning program that combines web comics and VR programs by collaborating with existing books. This can prove to be a huge development for people who don셳 enjoy reading without visuals. Their current collaboration between print and VR can also open up even more opportunities for other creators to expand on the idea.

뼯 Hello VR
뼯 Brand name: Hello VR Series, Virtual Reality Encyclopedia
뼯 CEO: Manho Seo
뼯 E-mail: contact@hellovr.kr
뼯 T: +82-822-6191-8255

Ralph Suh

K-Herald Korea
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Published in Apr. 27th 2018