An all-in-one shampoo to keep your hair at its best


Hair is an underappreciated part of one’s outer beauty. People don’t always realize how healthy-looking hair can be beautiful, and they forget to take important measures to maintain the overall integrity of their hair. Many generic shampoo brands use harsh chemicals that could possibly further damage hair by drying one’s scalp. Eroom Factory, a South Korean company, is currently promoting a new shampoo that not only moisturizes hair, but restores hair back to its original vitality.

‘Suuen Origin Black Shampoo’ contains 30% vegetable peanut protein that fills in the hair and smoothes the surface smoothly, a basil seed for volume effect, and a unique Suuen 20 Complex for natural moisturizing effect. The shampoo itself uses 100% naturally derived coconut surfactant, which means the product can be used by everyone in the family. Suuen Origin eliminates the use of 20 kinds of harmful substances to the human body. The product itself has been tested for 20 kinds of harmful components, 8 kinds of root volume, and low stimulus to prove that there is no harm in applying this to one’s head.


It is also important to note that Origin Black contains 30% 18MEA (Methyl Eicosan) blended with a pea protein; this effectively restores the damaged hair by reconstructing any loss of nutrients due to external factors such as weather. Unlike traditional protein shampoos, Origin Black contains more protein than purified water.

Origin Black Shampoo reflects Suuen’s philosophy of creating honest products for its customers, using mainly natural ingredients. It is a natural product made from the viewpoint of customers by excluding unnecessary chemicals as much as possible. Eroom Factory has ensured that this all-in-one product helps damaged hair and acts as a hair clinic to improve volume and scalp health.

▲ Eroom Factory Co., Ltd
▲ Brand name: Suuen Origin Black Shampoo
▲ CEO: Sang-Kwon Kim
▲ E-mail:
▲ T: 070-7424-5858 / 82-01-7108-8084

Dean Lee

K-Herald Korea
(Los Angeles Times Advertising Supplement)

Published in Apr. 27th 2018