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The main issue people have surrounding health is that they’re not always sure how to begin a healthy lifestyle, let alone maintain one. People rely too heavily on unhealthy dieting to obtain a slim figure, but ultimately, this lack of nutrition in their bodies can seriously deter their health. Obesity is a common threat to the overall population, but not eating enough can also serve as a danger to many.

QoolSystem puts these worries about our weight to rest. Their goal for improving one’s well-being is to diagnose any health issues by analyzing the overall logistics of their body and resolve those issues. The company hopes to do so through their wearable medical technology. G Health is an app-based portable body fat meter, comparable to a compact smartphone because its interface is run by Bluetooth to record any changes in the user’s health status. The device reveals the user’s unique body composition diagnosis and a BIA measurement. It is convenient to carry on-the-go, as it weighs only 22 grams, that such a small device can be used anywhere at any time.

In order to fully take advantage of the G Health, users can begin by downloading the G Health app from their smartphone’s Play Store or App Store. After launching the app, they can complete their profile by inputting their current weight, height, and a recent photo. Once all of their information is entered correctly, users can press the “Start Measure” button to sync the application with the G Health device. Measurements are taken once the user holds the electrode of the meter with their two forefingers, and results are shown on the smartphone app. Users are able to see their body fat percentage, accurate weight, muscle percentage, and BMI.


G Health Sona is a supplement to the G Health device; the Sona acts as a portable key meter that measures activity using ultrasound. It is more commonly used with children, but adults can use the Sona to monitor their physical activity and promote a healthier lifestyle to a younger generation.

Health is not something that can be easily maintained through simply dieting. It requires hard work and dedication, which includes staying active and eating right. Losing weight and body fat does not always equate to living a healthy lifestyle. QoolSystem promotes the idea that people must be active in some form to resolve many health issues that could arise.

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Julie Kim

K-Herald Korea
(Los Angeles Times Advertising Supplement)

Published in Apr. 27th 2018