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Everyone spends a good portion of their lives sitting, but not many people know that they have to avoid sitting in certain positions in order to prevent back issues. Lounging at a desk can lead to slouching, hunched bunks, and other spinal abnormalities. However, the problem can be rooted in what we choose to sit on. Not all chairs are built to fix our overall posture; in fact, many manufacturers don셳 take that into consideration when building a chair. Instead, people prioritize comfort over their physical health. The main reason people develop back problems or spinal disease is poor posture, and many chairs enable people to sit in a way that isn셳 healthy for their disks. Fortunately for us, the best solution comes in the form of a sliding chair that adjusts to the shape of our spine called 쁌idong Chair.

Midong Chair sets itself apart from any other generic chair because it allows the user to maintain proper posture without compensating their overall comfort. Rather than having the user adjust itself to the chair, the chair adjusts itself to the user셲 body weight and correct posture. Midong Chair slides according to the person셲 weight and body shape. It also slides in correlation with the person셲 body movements. If the user wants to lean back, the chair allows them to do so comfortably without distorting any spinal disks.


How Midong Chair has a sliding feature is through their cylinder application. Depending on the user셲 posture, the seat plate is moved using the slope to stand upright. As of now, this is the only brand that utilizes this inclining seat technology. The CEO of Midong Chair claims that the company has specifically designed a chair based on the technology of something called the wing-back mechanism, which supports the shoulder from the lumbar spine.

Midong Chair is best designed for users who have scoliosis. Scoliosis is when the human waist is slightly askew, when the height of the pelvis or shoulder is mismatched, or when the body is biased toward one side. This is caused by the flexion of the vertebrae and the rotation of the vertebrae at the same time. Scoliosis is a common danger amongst students or businessmen because they happen to be sitting for long periods of time. Midong Chair truly promotes the idea that comfort should not take away from our health. People can find the happy balance between both, as long as they allow themselves that luxury.


뼯 Midong Chair
뼯 Brand name: Midong Chair
뼯 CEO: Jae Hyun Lee
뼯 E-mail:
뼯 T: +82-063-212-9994

Dean Lee

K-Herald Korea
(Los Angeles Times Advertising Supplement)

Published in Apr. 27th 2018