Eroom Factory provides the neccessities to put products on the market

Usually, from a consumer’s perspective, it doesn’t seem like a long process to have a product out on the market for them to use. However, it actually is a timely process. A large number of people are involved as well – the person who produces the product, the distributor, and the marketing company that is in charge in sales and advertising. After the product has passed through all of these hands, it can finally be introduced to the consumers.

Distributors specializing in their craft will be able to understand a consumer’s needs and current trends in the market, but they can also lack the skills to manufacture products on their own. On the other hand, the manufacturer may have technical skills of creating the product, but they can have difficulty obtaining information about market conditions and consumer preferences.


A company in South Korea, Eroom Factory, specializes in exports, distribution and marketing directly with the planning of its products. They personally select and distribute domestic products with high product power, or they even plan products to meet the needs of consumers. On top of this, both distribution and marketing are planned and conducted according to each product so that consumers are ensured quality and functionality. Eroom Factory can accomplish the mentioned tasks because they have been a distribution company for over 10 years. Therefore, they are strongly skilled in distributing and marketing products to better inform consumers of the high-quality items available in South Korea. The head of the company, Sang-Kwon Kim, said, “Many of the domestic small and medium-sized businesses have fairly high product power. Our main focus is to distribute Korea’s promising products abroad. I think we will be able to serve as a platform in this process.”


As such, the advantage the distribution agency’s direct planning and marketing of the product has is that it plans and manufactures the products that consumers need based on the market trends experienced directly. In addition to this, with accurate understanding and information about the product, the company will be able to convey reliable information to consumers. Through this system adopted by Eroom Factory, shoppers will be able to encounter more dependable and higher-quality products.

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Esther Lee
K-Herald Korea
(Los Angeles Times Advertising Supplement)