Yoon Mi-rae confirms July release, solo concerts

Hip-hop legend Yoon Mi-rae on Tuesday confirmed the release of her studio album next month, along with concerts that will be her first as a solo artist in 12 years.

According to Feel Good Music, Yoon will perform at Jangchoong Stadium in Seoul from July 14-15. The concerts are titled 쏽OONMIRAE, which carries the meaning that they will feature music that only she can make.

쏷he solo concerts will be filled with 쁚oon Mi-rae as she is, the agency said.

Yoon Mi-rae (Feel Good Music)

Yoon is currently preparing for the release of 쏥emini2, a follow-up to her solo album 쏥emini that was released in 2002. She prereleased 쏯o Gravity and 쏫awi Bawi Bo from the album earlier this year.

Yoon is one of the top rappers in Korea, along with her husband Tiger JK, who is set to release his last album under the name 쏡runken Tiger later in the year.

Tickets for her concert opened on the local music platform Melon at 2 p.m. Tuesday.

By Yoon Min-sik