Korean company Adapt launches beauty brand, “Epais”


Consumption is only continuing to increase as trends are changing at a rapid pace. Companies or corporations with knowledgeable consumers and skilled technicians emerge during this era. Everyone seems to know exactly what they want and avoid buying “useless” products. They go by different mottos as well: “What’s your small but certain happiness,” “You Only Live Once,” and “Work-and-life balance.” Now, we need to acknowledge that customized products that are more convenient for consumers are necessary compared to those that simply boast in price. When manufacturing a product, it is important to understand what truly meets our wants and needs. It is also necessary to accurately identify what we as consumers want during the planning stage, and to consider convenience, price, and how this affects users in the manufacturing stage.

Adapt, a company based in South Korea, has set their foundations on the question of “What is needed?” They focus on the fact that customer satisfaction for mass-produced products is generally not that high. Adapt believes that it is vital to listen to the needs, desires and problems of their consumers in order to create products that resolve such worries and issues. Adapt is functional (a function-oriented product faithful to its original purpose), customized (a custom brand that analyzes granular customer needs), participated (product development process centered on participation), and simple (simple and clear design style). These all create and contribute to their overall brand value.


Adapt is incubating different brands with the slogan “solve your problem.” They also launched their own brand called Epais, which focuses on hair treatment. The brand consists of a product line that includes the Eyelash Rich Serum and the Eyebrow Rich Cream. Although eyebrow care products are seemingly unimportant in the cosmetics market, there is a decent percentage of people who find it a necessity and seek it out. These products successfully aid in maintaining the health and integrity of our eyebrows and eyelashes.

Jeong-ha Park, President of Adapt, said, “What matters now is that the effect of the product is straightforward. Products that satisfy consumers’ needs and wants are high in demand. We are also planning to produce shampoos and hair packs that are focused on effectiveness and overall convenience.”

▲  Adapt Inc.
▲  Brand Name : Epais
▲   CEO : Jeong-Ha Park
▲   https://www.epais.co.kr/
▲   E-mail : jeongsang@adaptkorea.com
▲   T : +82-10-6703-1785/+82-2-6952-3396

Mike Choi
K-Herald Korea
(Los Angeles Times Advertising Supplement)