“Voila” will protect you from fire wherever you are


As heat waves continue to rage across the nation, issues surrounding fires in vehicles are being raised. Out of 48 unique cases, 29% of total fires occurred throughout the months of June to August. The causes of these fires were identified as follows: electrical, mechanical, inattentive while driving, or traffic accident. During the hot summer months, the temperature of the car can rise to 90 degrees and the engine room can rise up to a shocking 300 degrees. Plastic water bottles, canned drinks, cell phone batteries, and lighters that are left in the vehicle can explode, causing fires. Prevention is the most important factor in fire safety. But how do you deal with a fire caused by a car accident, which is difficult to prevent, or a fire caused by vehicle malfunction?

If prevention is difficult, swift action is important. Early evolution is most important when it comes to handling a fire, and a small fire extinguisher plays the role of a portable fire truck in the case of an emergency. Many people have low safety awareness regarding vehicle fires, though. There is no room for a fire extinguisher in the car, they reason. However, it is important to be prepared in case a dangerous situation arises.


Happymily is a Korean safety specialist company that aims to provide for a happy family based on safety, and their main creation is a fire extinguisher called Voila. Voila in French translates to 쐆ere it is. The product is a safe and portable fire extinguisher that is at hand when you need it most. The device is simple. It comes in a long cylindrical shape reminiscent of a tumbler. It is small and light, and people can even keep it in their homes, the office, or their vehicles. It comes in three different colors: matte black, matte white, and matte baby pink. Its sleek and lean design does not distract from any other interior decoration. People may even doubt that such a small and aesthetic object can function as a proper fire extinguisher.

Voila acts as a powder type fire extinguisher and has an injection time of only 11 seconds, but the device uses strengthening liquid and ejects at about 4 meters of distance within 23 seconds. To use Voila, the user can simply rotate the lock to release it and press down to eject the contents.

If you want to maintain a happy and safe life for you and your family, why not try this device for yourself?

뼯 혻Happymily
뼯 혻Brand Name : Voila
뼯 혻혻CEO : Tai-woong Yeo
뼯혻혻 www.happymily.com
뼯 혻혻E-mail : steven@happymily.com
뼯 혻혻T : +82-70-4229-9700

Julie Kim
K-Herald Korea
(Los Angeles Times Advertising Supplement)