Packaging is now safer and more reliable with InnoPackage

InnoPackage specializes in PET containers and has products such as the Innocan and Canseamer (Innocanseamer) machines. It is a company that directly manufactures canseamer by advanced technology and obtains customer satisfaction and trust through customer support service with better marketing innovation.

CEO Gyeonghwan Lim came to know that the export of kimchi became impossible because of the damaging of packages. After learning and researching, he created Canseamer. Innocan is made by double bonding and sealing the transparent PET container and the aluminum lid to maintain complete enclosure that gas can escape, but any microorganisms cannot come out or enter. Canseamer (Innocanseamer) is the machine that made this technology.


The advantage of Innocan is that it is safe as a food storage container as PET material and the freshness of the contents is maintained for a long time by full hermetic packaging. The preservation state of the product packaged in a transparent container can be visually confirmed. It can be used for various purposes and can be packed in all foods. It also has the advantage of low risk damaging during transportation. In the industry, sorbents have been used for a long time to get rid of the odor, but Innocan is suitable for products that do not require absorbent and should not penetrate moisture.


Canseamer (Innocanseamer) is a packaging machine for complete sealed packaging. It can seal up to 40 different sized containers with only a single machine, and it is lightened to work in a small space. It is a simple and luxurious design that can be installed in food corners of large marts and department stores is designed to withstand high humidity working environment.

In addition, the Inno Fermented Pouch packaging material allows only the carbon dioxide generated from the fermented food to be released through the fermentation valve, while preventing infiltration of bacterial moisture, thus maintaining the freshness and taste of the fermented food. In addition, the Inno Cooling Box has a smaller volume than the Styrofoam with the insulation between the box material and the silver coating.

Lim wanted to first promote the excellence of fermented foods, such as kimchi to the world, and wanted to announce the excellence of its products while developing it as the basis of food exports.


뼯 혻Inno Package Co., Ltd.
뼯 혻Brand Name: Innocan / Innocanseamer
뼯 혻CEO: Gyeonghwan Lim
뼯 혻E-mail:
뼯 혻T: +82-41-909-1071 / +82-2-2285-1071

Mike Choi
K-Herald Korea
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