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Enjoying an exclusive artwork of famous artist at luxury art gallery or purchasing a famous designer’s limited edition bag. The concept ‘Limited Edition’ is valuable itself in that not everybody can have chance to enjoy it. It is something rare that only privileged people are allowed for access. However, will it be possible to popularize the luxuries of the limited edition by lowering price? Ciren Jang, CEO of White.Cotton, made it so.

White.Cotton aims to be the ‘Daily Object Select Shop’ which ‘Object’ means ‘artistic object. It is South Korea based mobile commercial platform that sells lifestyle products including furnitures, ornaments and all things needed for interior design. Unlike the other lifestyle brands, all products are the result of the collaboration of artists from planning, developing and manufacturing. Around 130 artists and designers are creating one-of-a-kind products such as moon-shaped lantern, a glass LED lantern with artificial flower inside and a mirror coffee mug that animal pattern appears when combined with a coaster. These are all handmade limited edition produced only when there is a demand by consumer.


Ciren Jang could develop this unique select shop based on her experiences. As a former system engineer at LG CNS Co., Ltd., a merchandiser at American handbag brand Coach, and a global power seller at Ebay, she firstly developed ‘StyleWiki’, an online fashion reference platform that anyone can write and share a fashion-related content just like Wikipedia. Based on all these, she successfully devised the special select shop that fashion, art and technology are put together.


Although White.Cotton is loved mostly by young adults in their 20s-30s for its unique design and reasonable price, a classy line brand ‘White.Atelier’ will be launched targeting at the middle from 40s to 50s. In addition, Ciren Jang is preparing for contents business as well such as White.Magazine telling the stories of designers and products. She is also planning to launch private brand goods and company-representing character, With all these, the ultimate goal is ‘Accessible Art’. White.Cotton wants everyone to have access to exclusive art and design in daily life.

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Erika Jeon
K-Herald Korea
(Los Angeles Times Advertising Supplement)