Naturein’s organic cleaning products provide the best and healthiest solution for your cleansing needs


We wash everyday. Whether it is our body or clothes, we always want to keep ourselves clean. Unfortunately, we might wash off dust and in return, put chemical additives on our body because most of the cleanser products are made up by chemicals. That is, the product we use for cleaning our body is actually harming us.

It is pretty well known that many of the products such as toothpaste, shampoo and detergent contains a chemical called ‘surfactant’. It is a chemical compound that is widely used to lower the surface tension to blend two liquids that are water and oil. This is cause why the grease must be removed with water. It is easily absorbed into our skin and once it begins to be accumulated inside the body, it causes skin trouble such as atopy and hair loss, invisibly and slowly. Nevertheless, the surfactant is inevitably still added because of its strong cleansing power.

Against surfactant hazard, a Korean cosmetic firm, ‘Naturein’, launched ‘Momslaundry’, an organic detergent brand. Based on their 15-year experience as both cosmetic ODM(Original Design Manufacturer) and OEM(Original Equipment Manufacturer), Naturein has successfully developed its own natural recipe that no synthetic surfactant is used. Instead, a botanical oil extracted from coconut palm and olive tree are fermented for three weeks and was used to replace it. Therefore, no chemicals remain after washing and this is especially important for those who are suffering from atopy or have sensitive skin, like toddlers.


This natural healthy surfactant is not only used for detergent, but also used for kitchen detergent and bath supplies. An all-in-one shampoo and bath product ‘Lala Bebe’ and ‘Lala Snow’ kitchen detergent are also expected to satisfy those who want a natural, mild product. Lala Bebe’s all-in-one product is too mild to be used for both hair and body. Lala Snow is a mild, organic kitchen detergent. It can be particularly useful for baby bottles which are sensitively cared, and Lala Snow may be used because it contains no harmful additives. Moreover, antibacterial test was passed to kill 99.99% which means this natural additive is still as powerful as chemical compound.

If we wash off visible stains only while remaining chemicals, we cannot say that we are fully cleansed. We need true cleansing so that everything is completely washed off, especially because we are weaker and sensitive to disease, like atopy or hair loss. This is why Naturein’s zero-surfactant product is expected to help us have healthy cleansing and to save us from the chemical compound.

▲ Brand Name: Momslaundry
▲ CEO: Il Dong Kim
▲ E-mail:
▲ T: +82 10-7744-9989

Erika Jeon
K-Herald Korea
(Los Angeles Times Advertising Supplement)