Storing and packaging foods have never been easier and better with ‘Inno Can’ and ‘Inno Canseamer’

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Over 9 billion tons of plastic have been produced and approximately 5.5 billion tons have been wasted in landfills based on figure in 2015. As the number of plastic usage and waste is increasing, we cannot avoid caring about environmental issues anymore. In response to the issues, although eco-friendly, bio-based PET is actively under development by many corporates, 100% true bio-based polyester or PET has not yet been developed.

Moreover, once bio-based plastic is made, the practicality is another issue since plastic takes up much of our daily life. Plastic, mainly, is used for drink bottles or food containers. Since plastic food containers has been preferred for a long time, the plastic making process has been developed to maintain fresh food better, such as PET (polyethylene terephthalate), PS(Polystyrene), PP(Polypropylene) or PE(Polyethylene).


Despite its long history, sealing is still an issue. That is, even if there have been many attempts to develop hermetically sealed containers, it is still difficult to store food in plastic containers for a long time because of spoilage and leakage.

However, it seems that there is no need to worry about this anymore. A Korean can seamer manufacturing company, InnoPackage, has succeeded to develop perfect sealing technology for plastic containers. This innovative company’s ‘Inno Canseamer’ helps to seal any plastic container completely regardless of size. In addition, it is easy to handle so that anyone can easily use in a kitchen or even at a restaurant. Even at food courts, supermarkets or restaurants, take-out food can now be packed with using Inno Canseamer.


Besides Inno Canseamer, InnoPackage produces its own plastic food containers called ‘Inno Can’. This is especially essential for the export of ferment foods, like kimchi. Plastic containers usually expands because of high temperature when passing by the equator and it gives serious damage to the freshness of food that makes the export problematic. Inno Can may very well be a solution to it. A specially designed film is attached on the middle of the lid to prevent leakage, and a gas that’s produced by fermentation is emitted through the film. In addition, a fresh microorganism is maintained in the container, which keeps the food fresh. Therefore, we can taste fresh, ferment food imported from all over the world.

InnoPackage made innovation in plastic. Those who are in need of keeping food fresh in containers for a long time, Inno Can and Inno Canseamer highly deserves attention.

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