Naturein’s natural soaps are perfect for those with sensitive skin

사진(제품)Did you ever heard of protecting your body against H1N1 bacteria by just washing your hands with soap? Fifteen seconds of scrubbing with soap and water greatly reduce germs on your hands.

According to regulations, food handlers must wash with antibacterial soap prior to handling food. These days, soap is a must-have item in the bathrooms of most homes. For the tubs and showers, it’s best to clean the tile surfaces and remove any mildew or soap scum. Naturein’s soap products is made of natural materials, so the body does not react adversely and it is a soap specially designed for those with sensitive skin. Each soap product has its own distinct characteristics.

Always remember that germs hate soap and water. Using hand sanitizers is the second best thing when water and soap are not available. During the twentieth century, many synthetic products have replaced natural products. In the 1920s, however, washing with soap was not common. However, hand-washing with soap alone can reduce the number of deaths by more than 40%.

Doctors recommend the following procedure when washing hands: wet the hands under running water; scrub with soap for a count of 8; rinse under running water for the same amount of time; and, very importantly, dry with a clean towel. Hand-washing with soap is very important in preventing diseases, such as food poisoning, chicken pox, eye disease and the common cold.

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Sam Kim
Asia Journal
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