Smart communication with babies now made possible


The desire to do communicate with others is the nature of all living things. That is why all living beings communicate with each other by communication methods that are appropriate for their own lives. However, babies under 24 months have no way of expressing their opinion or detailed emotion except crying. It is not easy for the parents to understand and guess the meaning of child ‘s crying because it includes different  meaning those are ‘ hungry’, ‘cold’, ‘hurts’ and’ dislikes’ as a single cry. Therefore, Ji-young, Oh who is a CEO of lab by lab wanted to help babies’ communication. No matter how intelligent a baby is, it is not easy to communicate in less than 24 months and many smart products such as smart watches, smart phones, and smart belts are nowadays, but there aren’t anything for baby. According to Lab by Lab, they wanted to make something a genius element for babies.


After thinking about what to make, they decided to make the most essential thing for the babies. The most important factor for a baby is the environment, which is the most necessary factor for health. Lab by lab thought that the barometer that can be checked first in such an environment is a fever phenomenon. Element is a garment designed to react smartly to the body temperature, which the baby may not know well even themselves. In the 37 to 38 degree heat, the pattern printed on the clothes disappears. The cute design looks like an ordinary baby suit, but it is literally a genius product. If the color disappears, it may be thought that there is a chemical ingredient, but the element not only uses the organic fiber, but also has the effect of preventing the pest approaching by using the natural botanical ingredient of the chrysanthemum.

In addition, she said that she also used the product of YKK, a specialist in baby clothes, for each button attached to clothes. Lab by baby, an element created by the Institute that only thinks of Baby, is drawing blueprint a product development that will help the genius baby in the future.


▲ ELEMENT Co., Ltd.
▲ Brand Name: LAB BY BABY
▲ CEO: Jiyoung Oh
▲ E-mail:
▲ T: +82-2-6180-2012

Cathy Lee
Asia Journal
(Los Angeles Times Advertising Supplement)