Roaco’s perfect mattress will guarantee a good rest for your pet


According to the study in 2016 (GFK Global study), over half of people internationally have at least one pet with dogs being the most popular pet in the world. The United States have the most pet ownership and therefore, the biggest pet market. American Pet Products Association (APPA)’s figure said that around 70 billion dollars were spent for pet by Americans in 2017.

However, with this growing pet industry of self-owner, can we say that pets are well-cared for sure? Most of people think that they take care of their pet well because they regularly feed them. Not many people seriously question about leaving dog alone at home. More dogs are left alone for longer hours due to the rise of single-person household.

When dogs are usually left alone so long, they spend most of their times sitting or lying down because they have no one to play with. However, we understand that we can not stay with them for 24 hours because of lot of things to do. If so, we, at least, need to provide the most comfortable rest place to our pets. In addition, many dogs are nowadays suffering from Luxating Patella due to slippery floor such as marble or varnished wood flooring. Therefore, dogs need to rest well in a good space.


Roaco, a Korean expertized company in animal mattress, developed the perfect mattress that best suit to pets. This premium mattress uses resilient high density memory foam. Additionally, the special water-resistant fabric prevents dust allergy. Mattress is customizable so that consumer can choose the types of memory foam depending on season and function.

Although pet ownership is increasing, most of the pet goods are developed considering our convenience. For example, we developed pet toilet because we do not want to clean and many kinds of pet toys for we do not want to spend much time playing with our pets. However, we never thought on their side such as whether they sleep well or not. It is now time to think what our pets really want and need. Pets deserve relax as well as human.

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Erika Jeon
Asia Journal
(Los Angeles Times Advertising Supplement)