Try wild ginseng, San-yang-sam from ‘Han Sam Ae’ for your health

전용박스 이미지1Ginseng, the root of plants in the genus Panax and used as a traditional medicine in Asia, is well-known for its health benefits. Recent findings have revealed that ginseng is potential for use in prevention and treatment of chronic inflammatory disease such as diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis, and allergic asthma. It also involves in hormonal changes and therefore produces beneficial effects on the heart and brain.

This natural mountain ginseng, a healthy medicinal herb, is rare because it grows wildly on mountain. ALthough Korea cultivates ginseng (In-sam) and produces red ginseng drink (Hong-sam), these kind of cultivated ginseng is so much different in nutrition and effects from mountain ginseng. Moreover, mountain ginsengs are hard to find but people say older mountain ginsengs are better for health. Therefore, the demand for old mountain ginsengs is high.

There is another option that is wild ginseng, called San-yang-sam. While In-sam is cultivated from sowing to harvesting, and San-sam fully natural-growing, San-yang-sam is half-cultivated and half-natural. Seedling or sowing is done by person but after that, San-yang-sam is left to grow wildly in nature. Germination percent is 30% to 90% depending on seedling method. This wild ginseng is more like a natural mountain ginseng in nutrition, and therefore you may expect similar health benefits with natural one.


‘Han Sam Ae’ is an expertized company growing San-yang-sam in Korea. A CEO Kim, who said that he has never had a cold for ten years after taking natural ginseng in childhood, believes that ginseng will bring health benefits out to us and this is why he started his business to provide good quality ginseng to consumers.

Han Sam Ae sets strict standard in selecting wild ginseng to provide fresh and high quality products to consumers and this is why more and more customers are willing to purchase wild ginseng from Han Sam Ae. It is steadily growing with the trust of many customers by providing a differentiated products from low quality Chinese wild ginseng.

We can find many different types of medicine in near pharmacies easily. Although they are good enough, why don’t you try this deserved natural herb? At least, you may expect to relieve daily fatigue at the end of the day.

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Erika Jeon
Asia Journal
(Los Angeles Times Advertising Supplement)